Background information

Community Organization for relief and Development (CORD) is a non-partisan, non-governmental, non-political and a non-profit making Charity Organization. CORD has been established on 1st Feb, 1994 by a group of Somali intellectuals comprising of both men and women. CORD has been actively involved within the Somali Community residing in Mogadishu and South-Central Somalia implementing numerous projects since 1994.
Having set a sub-office in Bosaso –Puntland, in the year 2009 it has been able to assist scores of IDP’s which have fled from the waging wars of Mogadishu and South-Central Somalia, by providing multiple programmes that have had very touching impacts on their lives which CORD does still provide consistently.  CORD has also been able to expand its mandate to internationally eligible organization whereby it’s proposing its first projects in Kenya and hopes to expand its coverage to the other parts of the African Continent. .

CORD Vision
Empowered Somali Communities in Socio-Economic and Political context living in peace and stability.

CORD Mission
CORD, a community Organization works for realization of empowered Somalia community through restoring peace, protection of human/women and child rights, provision of health, education and agricultural services, skill training, increasing livelihood, reducing poverty, information sharing and networking.

CORD's Goal
CORDís Goal is to notice Somali Communities free from poverty, Illiteracy and Marginalization.

Core values
Equality & social justice
Flexibility in manner


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